Silvana Scarso


Silvana Scarso is the third generation of Italian and Portuguese families who came to Brazil, a country which is in itself a melting pot of cultures. Globalization then took another meaning in her life when she moved to England for five years to get her Masters and PhD in Education from King’s College, University of London. Having originally a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Engineering, and experience in software development,  Silvana’s career took a turn when she decided to go back to College and start Pedagogy at University of São Paulo. That was motivated by the perception that teaching had to undergo a dramatic change in order to really impact learning. Silvana has been working in education for the past 16 years, most of which as an Academic Technology Coordinator, where she has supported teachers and students k-12. As part of this experience, she followed the start and development of the BYOD program at Graded – The American School of São Paulo. Currently, Silvana’s work is focused in High School as a Teaching and Learning Coach. Cognition has always been a central interest for Silvana, which has guided her work in curriculum development and teaching strategies. STEM is also another major interest with a particular concern for promoting women’s participation in science and technology. Silvana’s enthusiasm for global learning is rooted in her personal life and also in a desire to develop advocates for Brazil while being connected and learning from different perspectives. To learn more about Silvana’s work follow her on Twitter, check her personal blog Comundo.

Location: Silvana is based out of São Paulo, Brazil

Languages: English & Portuguese