Ready to Learn About Blogging?

Ready to Learn About Blogging?

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Our newest course is now available, so you will be able to learn about blogging for your students! We are excited to share this content with you as it aligns so well with our amplified education vision. We are bloggers ourselves, as you can see in this amplifieducation platform and in our personal blogs. So in this course, Silvia Tolisano invites you to experience blogging as a personal learning journey experience that will give you unexpected insights on how to use blogging with your students.

We are striving to make connections among all the resources that we offer you, so as we develop a new course, we also think about the needs of our audience and new possibilities for learning materials. You will already see free resources, such as an Intro to Blogfolios and Blogfolio Implementation Guidelines. Also, the online course 5 Steps for Creating Powerful Screencasts for Learning provides a set of strategies that you can use to share on a blogfolio, as screencasts can be easily embedded on a blog post. Our blog posts also aim at making connections for our audience and providing support around amplified education ideas. Blog posts connected to this course are, for example:

We would really appreciate your feedback on our resources and suggestions for new materials that can help you amplify your learning and the learning of your students! Please leave a comment on this blog or connect with us on social media.

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