New Course Coming Soon: Mission Possible! How (and Why) to Create Class Mission Statements

New Course Coming Soon: Mission Possible! How (and Why) to Create Class Mission Statements

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This course is for teachers who seek to unite and inspire their students around a common mission and vision.

Course Description:

Words matter. Taking time to craft a mission statement with your class harnesses the creative power of words. A class mission statement communicates to your students that there is purpose and meaning in what they do each day. It shows students that they are in control of their learning, choose their attitudes and behaviors and are part of a community. The extended process of writing a mission statement is rich with exploration and value.

Course Author:

Andrea Hernandez

What You Will Learn:

In this course, you will learn about the power of mission statements and how to bring your class together around a shared mission. Activities and ideas will guide you to facilitate meaningful discussions as part of the creation of your mission statement. You will discover a variety of possibilities for amplifying your mission to share it with the world in a way that expresses your class’s unique personality. Writing a mission statement can be a simple process focused on the end-product or a longer immersion in meaningful self-discovery focused on the power of using words to create. Whichever path you choose,  this course provides the resources you need to incorporate this richly rewarding process into your classroom culture.

What You Will Get:

A variety of activities that can be mixed and matched for you to design your unit
Examples from classrooms and schools
• Templates for use with your students (t-shirt test, goal-setting)
• Checklist for evaluating mission statements
• Step-by-step summary guide
• Visuals: Mission & Vision, All Things are Created Twice
• “Begin with the end in mind” discussion starters & activities for different grade levels

Course Video Trailer:


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