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  1. With regard to Dean Shareski’s quote, to me it means that I can learn much about writing a blog by reading a variety of blogs to gain an understanding of the process and content of the subject matter I am interested in.
    I think that routinely reading other blogs helps me to recognize and grasp an understanding of new ideas that are presented. It allows me to metacognitively process what I’ve read.
    The blogs that I enjoy reading center around two subjects: innovative teaching and criminal justice (I’m a professor of criminal justice).
    With regard to blogging, I would share what I’ve learned about the reading of blogs to start one’s blogging journey by sitting down with them and have a conversation on this topic, or, better yet, writing in my own blog about how the reading of a variety of other blogs is what helped me begin my blogging journey.
    A blog that I would recommend to my fellow educators is Edutopia. This blog contains considerable information and research about the benefits of creating “Genius Hour” projects for classes. This is a subject that I’m extremely interested in and the reading of this blog and posts related to Genius Hour projects has provided me with useful ideas about creating and initiating such a project in one of my courses.
    I’ve had a Feedly account for some time and have found it to be a true help in identifying and locating subject matter that I am interested in reading.


    June 22, 2017

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