Through the Lens of Curation: Documenting FOR Learning: #amplifiEDU Twitter Chat

Through the Lens of Curation: Documenting FOR Learning: #amplifiEDU Twitter Chat

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In the spirt of practicing what we teach and learning what we practice, we at AmplifiEDUcation are committed to documenting our Twitter chats using a variety of tools and lenses. For the October 14, 2015 chat, “Documenting for Learning” we’ve chosen to use the lens of curation. As I shared last night, I have been practicing using infographics as a documentation tool, so I decided to use that tool to document the chat.

Reflection on the process: This took me several hours, and I only documented A1! Yes, documenting is time-consuming. Is it worthwhile? Absolutely! A Twitter chat moves quickly. In fact, rarely does an hour pass in such fast-motion. Taking the time to explore each Q and A, the connections that were made, and the people that participated brings the ideas into greater focus for me.

In the process, I also hone my skills at creating digital products (in this case an infographic using Piktochart). By sharing through a filter of what I find most interesting or important, and in a way that appeals visually to me, I amplify the information to create something new. I love what Janet Hale said, that using an infographic as a form of documenting vs. as an endpoint is a paradigm shift for her. Those shifts in thinking are what it’s all about.  -Andrea

Documenting #amplifiEDU

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