Documenting FOR Learning: #amplifiEDU Chat

Documenting FOR Learning: #amplifiEDU Chat

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The 3rd #amplifiEDU Twitter Chat has been scheduled. Mark your calendars and join us!

document4learning-mainOctober 14, 2015 – 8 pm EST!
Our topic of discussion will be: Documenting FOR Learning.

#amplifiEDU Chat. Oct 14 - 8 pm EST! Our topic of discussion: Documenting FOR Learning. Click To Tweet

Your moderators: Silvana Scarso (Brazil), Chic Foote (New Zealand), Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano (USA) & Andrea Hernandez (USA) and Katrin Barlsen (Argentina)

While we will be digging deeper into the topic, Documenting FOR Learning, by following the Q1/A1 chat format (see questions below), we will continue to practice what we preach and use this opportunity to AMPLIFY teaching and learning.
  • Last Twitter chat was documented through the lens of a Twitter Newbie through a screencast of the chat- Becoming More Connected, commentated and individual components of the chat unpacked (structure, format, mentions, hashtags, etc.) pointed out and the speed of the conversation slowed down for newbies to be able to follow, become aware and even potentially participate.
  • This upcoming #amplifiEDU Twitter chat will be documented through the lens of CURATION. Using different documentation techniques, we will make thinking, learning and perspectives around the topic of documentation FOR learning visible. You will be able to catch the product of that documentation (and all future documentations around amplified education) by subscribing to the amplifiEDucation blog, by following the @amplifiEDU user or the #amplifiEDU hashtag on Twitter.


Q1: Why documenting FOR learning?
Q2: What can you document?
Q3: How do you get into the habit of a “documenter”?
Q4: What will you accept as evidence of learning?
Q5: Have you taken the time to connect and respond.
Q6: What will you DO with the documentation?
Q7: How do you become metacognitive about documentation?









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