Intro to Blogfolios

Digital portfolios are a great way to showcase student work and document growth. There are many tools that can be used for portfolios, and we particularly like the use of a blogging platform which, with some foresight and commitment, can be used by students from one year to the next, showing growth over the years. “Blogfolios” the name for blogs that are also used as digital portfolios, offer the best of everything. Students can use categories to denote portfolio work; they can also write for their own, authentic purposes.

Blogs are used by real writers, artists and other content creators. Student bloggers have meaningful opportunities to learn what it means to practice good digital citizenship, and they have their own, personal space to share their work with a global audience. In addition to motivating students, blogfolios have the potential to transform school culture.

This 3 -page guide, created by Andrea Hernandez, is more “why-to” than “how-to.” It outlines the core values associated with implementation of blogfolios and contains a sample framework that can be used by teachers and/or schools. We hope it helps you take the next step on this exciting journey.