Blogfolio Implementation Guidelines

Digital Portfolios, ePortfolios, Online Portfolios, all refer to student portfolio work that is stored and shared online. There are basically two types of platforms for online portfolios: website and blog, even though platforms like WordPress allow for a mix of both. Websites allow for  a more traditional structure of pages and subpages. Blogs are flexible and can embrace any added information using “labels”or “tags”as categories. Blogfolio has been the term used to define online portfolios based on a blogging platform.  Having a vision for which platform you will use in your school is already an important part of implementation.

This downloadable created by Silvana Scarso expands on the Vision for why we should explore Blogfolios (given at our free download Intro to Blogfolios). The SAMR Model is then used to help visualize how to move from a Blogfolio implementation that is a Substitution of paper and pencil practice to a true Redefinition of learning. You will also see a model for Implementation that shows the difference between an online portfolio focused on Showcase and another focused on Process. Blogfolios, due to their very journaling nature, are ideal for a focus on Process. Finally,  you will see what a student Blogfolio Journey may look like while making the proposed vision come to life.

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