5 Steps for Creating Powerful Screencasts for Learning

Module 1 Identify an Easy to Use and Convenient Tool for You
Unit 1 Welcome
Unit 2 Word Bank
Unit 3 What is Screencasting?
Unit 4 First Things First: Embarking on Independent Online Learning
Unit 5 Mac Users Are Lucky with Quicktime
Unit 6 Jing: Screencasting Tool with Online Storage
Unit 7 Explain Everything: Awesome for the iPad
Unit 8 CamStudio: Free Solution for PC Users
Unit 9 Action Steps
Module 2 Experiment Becoming Spontaneous and Perfection Free
Unit 1 Practice With a Quick Script
Unit 2 Don’t Let Small Mistakes Get in the Way
Unit 3 Record What is on the Screen
Unit 4 Draw Khan Academy Style
Unit 5 Action Steps
Module 3 Identify Screencasting Opportunities in your Teaching Pratice
Unit 1 Model How You Think
Unit 2 Explain in Little Bits for Replay
Unit 3 Instructions You Don’t Have to Repeat
Unit 4 Action Steps
Module 4 Explore Screencasting to Amplify Student Learning
Unit 1 Explore Student Metacognition
Unit 2 Students as Content Creators
Unit 3 Student Experts
Unit 4 Action Steps
Module 5 Consider an Appropriate Sharing Option
Unit 1 Set Up a Classroom for Student Autonomy
Unit 2 Showcase Website
Unit 3 Map to Individual Students’ Blogfolios
Unit 4 Youtube Channel
Unit 5 Twitter
Unit 6 Action Steps
Module 6 Downloads & Reflection
Unit 1 5 Steps for Power Screencasting Downloads
Unit 2 Course Reflection: 5 Steps for Creating Powerful Screencasts for Learning