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Our audience are educators seeking to amplify their teaching and learning. Amplified teaching and learning is far-reaching, extending its influence, offering breadth as well as depth. Amplified teaching and learning aims to make learning visible and easily available, inviting more learning in and impacting the learning of others.

We would like to invite you to submit your idea for a guest author post on our blog. We offer the added benefit of “amplifying” your work in a global platform that translates to different languages, starting with Spanish. You can already access our and see original posts, courses and resources,  as well as translated ones. We will later expand to Portuguese and German as well. When you are an amplifiEDucation guest blogger, you will automatically amplify your voice and reach by having this translation service for your posts!

You can submit a blog post you have already published and we will cross-post on amplifiEDucation, with credits of course and a link to your original post. In this way you will expose your work and brand to an amplified audience, reaching a non-English speaking world. You can also write an original post for us, using our “amplification” lens, we will be very honored.

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