The Team

We are three female educators (and four female entrepreneurs) from three countries & two continents. We believe in globally connected learning, not only for students and schools, but for ourselves. We lead by example- collaborating across time zones, pushing our limits, learning through trial and error, reflecting, and always sharing. Together we are smarter, stronger, better and speak more languages! We created amplifiEDUcation to share our passion and experience with educational innovation.

How We Are Connected

Andrea and Silvia met at a technology conference which sparked a connection that led to professional collaboration. At the time, they had parallel jobs at similar schools, both located in the same city. They later worked together as 21st century literacy coaches in a school where, among other innovations, they rolled out a school wide initiative of digital portfolios for every student.  Andrea and Silvia are co-founders of edJEWcon, a modern learning experience in Jewish Day School education. They continue to collaborate virtually and face to face.

Silvia and Katrin embody global education, horizons and friendship, having been educated at a bicultural German school in Argentina, being trilingual and having maintained their close friendship across continents for over 30 years.

Silvia and Silvana have worked together as Academic Tech Coordinators at Graded- The American School of São Paulo, Brazil, sharing the same office for one year, where they developed “Flashlight” for ASB Unplugged…. After Silvia moved back to the US, they kept their personal and work connections live through Facetime…. having worked, for example, on reviewing individual participation in group research.

Silvia is the connector that has brought us all together to share our passions for amplifiEDUcation.